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Casacada de Giron and how to get there from Cuenca

A wonderful day trip lies less than hour away from Cuenca near Giron.

The Giron valley lies South of Cuenca headed towards the coast. It can be raining in Cuenca and sunny in Giron or vice versa. Start your day early so you have time to pack it all in.


See Google map at the bottom of this post for directions


On your way from Cuenca take the scenic dirt road which allows you to slow down and take in the beauty of this area.  The dirt road is in good condition and also used for mountain biking. Look for a dirt road on the right side of the highway that has a sign that says BIENVENIDOS A GIRON – Ruta Ciclista. 

bienvenidos a giron Mountain bike road

The road is in great shape.  Expect to take approximately 30 minutes extra or more depending on how often you stop.
Giron2 mountain bike road

For home schoolers there is plenty of opportunity to teach about the color Green!

Giron mtn bike road

mountain bike road above Giron

Towards the end of the road where it meets back up with the highway there is a town with a cute little blue church. Careful not to blink or you will miss it.Giron mountain bike road


When you arrive in Giron you will go past 2 stop lights. After the 2nd stop light take a turn to right at the sign that says Cascada.   Pay the .25 toll road fee and continue up the road for less than 5 minutes. 


You will need to turn off this main road to your right on to an asphalt road that is in disrepair to get to the parking lot just below the waterfall. You will see the giant waterfall in the distance on the mountain.   Keep following the road until it ends

Chorro de Giron

There is a fee of $1 you pay to the caretaker of the waterfall. His home is just below the parking lot.  From the parking lot the walk to the falls is less than 5 minutes.  The view is spectacular.  

trail to el Chorro de GironThere is a wood bridge that crosses in front of the waterfall which offers hurricane like experience.  Carefull, it can be slippery.

El Chorro de Giron view

Swimming in the pool at the base of the falls is not a good idea.  I was told there have been a few that have died doing so.  You can get rocks or sudden bursts of high amount of water if you have a rain shower going on up stream.  It may be sunny at the falls but raining 5 miles away creating a torrential flood headed your way.


Driving directions from Cuenca to El Chorro de Giron and Hacienda Buena Vista – Aventura Zip Line Park



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