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Client saves $141 on flights to Ecuador and includes Galapagos

Recently I booked a trip for a group from NYC to Quito Ecuador and then onto the Galapagos for March 2017.  The best online price for these passengers was $921 per person.  As an Airfare Consolidator here at Velocity Tours, I was able to them a fare of $780.  Savings of $141. 

What is even more amazing about this deal is that this airfare includes the round trip flight to the Galapagos which if you purchase that separately would cost $450

Lesson Learned: Next time you are in the market for international airfare, check with your favorite travel agent or call me here at Velocity Tours for a comparison quote.  Chances are, we can beat it!

If you booked online, you booked with a travel agency.  Why not employee a travel agency you can actually talk to? Simplify your life, hire a travel agent.


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No itinerary, no schedule, just an open slate that allows me to wander. I love to travel with my kids and no less than 2 bags each. Beating online Airfares for groups and individuals are my specialities along with anything Guatemala or Ecuador. You can reach me during the week at 801-296-8687, M-F 9AM-5PM MST. I have 20 Years experience booking flights and saving clients $$$

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